How Do You Get Bitcoins?

If you’re interested in getting into Bitcoins and the world of cryptocurrency while it’s still in its rapid growth phase, you’re in luck. There are several different ways you can get Bitcoins, which you can then use to buy stuff from merchants that accept BTC or just tuck away for a rainy day and hope it continues to grow in value over the long-term.

How Do You Get Bitcoins

Remember that you’ll have to open a Bitcoin wallet before you can get any Bitcoins. Once you’ve got your wallet all set up, there are three main ways that people get Bitcoins, and one way that isn’t really feasible for 99% of people. We briefly discuss all of them below.
Four ways to get Bitcoins

The first way is the easiest way: buying Bitcoins with your normal currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.). If you have a friend who wants to sell some BTC (or someone else you can trust), you can give them a code to send the appropriate amount of Bitcoin to your wallet while you pay them cash, make a transfer to their bank account, use PayPal, or however your friend wants to be paid for the Bitcoins. You can also buy BTC from a Bitcoin exchange online.
Another way to get Bitcoins is to accept them as a payment method for work you do/things you sell.

The “cheapest” way to get Bitcoins is by using special websites called faucets, which pay out small Bitcoin prizes or rewards at regular intervals or in exchange for doing simple tasks.

Finally, if you have the technical knowledge and computing power, you can also get freshly minted BTC by “mining”. Miners are a group of programmers who manage the block chain, checking the validity of each Bitcoin transaction and maintaining the overall integrity of the cryptocurrency. They are paid for their work with Bitcoins after completing a certain amount of work. Obviously, this option isn’t ideal for the vast majority of people.
So basically, your options for earning Bitcoin currency are: pay for it, work for it, or surf the internet hunting for free Satoshi (basically the penny equivalent of BTC) on faucets.